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Great Rail Journeys & Luxury Rail Holidays

The Ghan

Travel by rail between Darwin and Adelaide and you are embarking on one of the great rail journeys of the world, travelling from one edge of the continent to the other, through the very centre of Australia. There are many long distance and transcontinental train...

Rocky Mountaineer

The journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer train follow the historic routes constructed over 100 years ago through the breathtaking mountains and canyons of the Canadian Rockies. The Rocky Mountains of Canada offer some of the best mountain scenery in the world, and one of...

Pride of Africa

Discover Africa in luxury on board the elegant Pride of Africa. With a number of different routes available, you get to discover the best scenery, sights and experiences that Namibia and South Africa have to offer. When it comes to beautiful countries that can offer...

The Canadian

Offering the ultimate introduction to the beauty of Canada, The Canadian travels 2,749 miles between Toronto and Vancouver across some of the most diverse landscapes found in a single country. Canada is a vast country of lakes, forests and mountains, and there is no...

The Blue Train

Experience South Africa’s highlights during the journey from Cape Town to Pretoria on the magnificent Blue Train – one of the world’s most iconic rail journeys on one of the world’s most luxurious trains. The train route between Pretoria and Cape Town is one that is...

California Zephyr

The sleeper journey on the legendary California Zephyr takes you from Chicago to the ‘mile high’ city of Denver, a 1,038 mile (1670 km) trip through some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. The railway system has played an important role throughout the...

Bernina Express – Spectacular Cross Alpine Journey

The narrow-gauge Bernina Express connects northern and southern Europe and offers a spectacular means of crossing the Alps, with a route running through Switzerland’s Grisons/ Graubünden region. There are many scenic rail journeys in the world, and the Bernina Express...

Bergen Railway – Amazing Scenery Rail Experience

Widely regarded as one of the greatest railway experiences in the world, this high-altitude journey through southern Norway takes in some beautiful remote scenery before descending to Oslo. Of all the European railway journeys, none is as beautiful as the Bergen...

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle – Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday

From Moscow, you will cross the Russian Steppes all the way to the Sea of Japan on board the iconic Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Is this ultimate of great rail journeys? Unparalleled levels of luxury make this classic rail journey so much more than a holiday –...

Glacier Express – The Slowest Express Train in the World!

The Glacier Express, Switzerland’s renowned and slowest (despite its name!) train, winds its way through some of Europe’s most dramatic and beautiful scenery.

Tailor Made Rail Holidays

Rail Holidays are perhaps the most flexible of all travel options.

Within reason and particularly around Europe, go wherever you want, whenever you want for however long you want.

With almost unlimited options a rail holiday can truly be whatever you want it to be.

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for then try our Free rail holiday research service.

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