With a history dating back thousands of years and a culture rich enough to match, Italy has long been a fascinating country for people to visit. And there can be no better way to appreciate everything this amazing country has to offer than by exploring rail holidays to Italy. Often described as the birthplace of Western Civilisation (along with Greece), it was for many centuries both the political and religious heart of Europe. Today, it still plays a vital role in European and world politics, and has a population of over 60 million people.

Visitors to Italy are drawn to its wealth of things to see and do, and it boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. It quite literally has dozens of attractions, with The Pantheon, the Uffizi Museum, the Colosseum and the leaning Tower of Pisa being just some of them. Add into the mix a Mediterranean lifestyle based around good food and wine, great weather, fantastic beaches and stunning mountains, and it becomes clear that Italy has something to offer everyone.

Of course, there are as many ways to see Italy as there are reasons to visit it in the first place, and an excellent way of experiencing the country from a unique perspective, is to take a rail holiday in Italy. There are a variety of rail holidays to choose from, with some concentrating on scenic routes through areas of outstanding natural beauty, and others linking together tours of significant historical sites.

Rail Holidays to Italy

Right, on to our holiday picks. We will highlight the options for holidays to the three primary cities of Rome, Florence and Venice (or all 3 on the Grand Tour!), as well as our top picks to other destinations perhaps less well known or ventured to locations, if you prefer something a little different or like to get off the beaten track.

We will endeavour to give options for all budgets, hopefully giving everyone the option to experience this amazing country including:

  • Great value independent options for those happy to find their own way around (whilst obviously being free to book organised excursions when there or before you go).

  • Mid range escorted holidays – those that come with a readily available tour guide with great local knowledge.

  • The luxury option for those really wanting to push the boat (or should that be train?) out. Superior transportation and hotels with included excursions and events.

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Rail Holidays to Venice (Veneto region)

Venice is somewhere everyone needs to visit at least once in their life. This fantastic city is known for its many canals, and travelling in a gondola is one of the most romantic things you can do though not cheap. Still, you may only get one chance in your life to experience it, so just go for it!

Rail Holidays to Rome (Lazio Region)

Rome is located in the Lazio region of Italy, located in the central part of the country.  Although Rome is the main focus point, there are many other sites in the various provinces. Lakes scatter the area, and with the mountains, they make for memorable scenery. Small towns dot the area, all of them having their own long history. Thanks to the numerous fishing ports along the coast, there are many seafood restaurants available for locals and tourists. Rome is well serviced by the Italian railway network.

Rail Holidays to Florence (Tuscany region)

Tuscany is perhaps the one region of Italy that people will first name when asked. It is associated with excellent wines, a lot of vineyards, and expansive scenery. Although a lot of large commercial vineyards exist in the area, there are still a number of family owned small holdings. These are worth a visit, as they create unique quality wines, some of them not for sale anywhere else. Those who enjoy museums, cathedrals and national parks, are spoilt in Tuscany. With the towns of Sienna and Pisa only about an hour from Florence on the train, you’ll be hard pushed to fit everything in on a rail holiday to Florence.

The Grand Tour (Rome, Florence and Venice)

Other options to consider ……

If you are arriving in Italy from outside Europe, you can choose to fly into Italy (Rome, Florence or Venice) direct and then take a Grand Tour of Italy by rail. Alternatively, why not consider choosing London or Paris as your arrival point and then take the train through the beautiful Alps to pretty much any location in Italy. Either option affords the possibility to see the many diverse regions of Italy.

We’ve featured a few of the more popular options above, but don’t forget, the beauty of a rail holiday to Italy is that it can be tailored to your requirements. Maybe you’d like to spend longer in Florence to get to all the art galleries or would like an extra day to explore the back waters of Venice. Why not send us your dream itinerary and we’ll put together your perfect holiday by rail to Europe.

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