The journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer train follow the historic routes constructed over 100 years ago through the breathtaking mountains and canyons of the Canadian Rockies.

The Rocky Mountains of Canada offer some of the best mountain scenery in the world, and one of the best rail holidays in the world is to be found here, for those who are able to set foot on the Rocky Mountaineer. This train offers short trips through some stunning scenery and also has some sensational longer journeys including the epic Coast to Coast journey from Vancouver in the west to Halifax in the east. The stunning scenery can be seen in great detail from the carriages of the train which offers superb panoramic views from the windows that have been specifically designed to give the best possible views.

The Majesty Of The Canadian Rockies

One of the main reasons that many people will want to take their train holidays on the Rocky Mountaineer is that it can boast the amazing snow capped peaks of the Rockies. The mountains are perfectly complemented by clear glacier fed lakes that reflect these mountain scenes, and for this train journey it really does offer the perfect location from which to see the sensational landscape. The lines travelled on these rail holidays are among the most scenic in the world, with trains flanking glorious rivers and passing through the natural forests that have made Canada one of the most beautiful natural holiday destinations.

The Rocky Mountaineer Train

The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most popular railway holidays because of the scenery, and some of these trains have seen dome carriages introduced so that visitors can experience the full panoramic view of the Rockies. For those who aren’t travelling on a train with the dome carriages, all the seats have large picture windows that still offer a very good outlook onto the passing scenery.

There are a number of service levels that people can experience when they travel on the Rocky Mountaineer, and those who are used to travelling on luxury trains will opt for the ‘Goldleaf Service’. This takes place in a two storey carriage, with the lower tier providing the dining room where highly trained chefs provide excellent meals, while the upper tier has a glass dome roof giving passengers an amazing view throughout the journey. Those opting for ‘Silverleaf’ or ‘Redleaf’ packages will still enjoy food served at their seats and a great view of the mountains, lakes and forests that they will pass through.

Rocky Mountaineer Routes and Destinations

The Rocky Mountaineer has a number of different routes that the train will travel, and whether you choose the two day trip between Vancouver and Whistler or one of the longer journeys, it is certainly going to be a memorable journey. With journeys that can take in the wonderful towns of Banff and Jasper, along with the cities of Toronto and Montreal, this is a rail holiday that is well worth experiencing. Train holidays like this have the benefit of smooth progress and a comfortable ride that isn’t always present in a coach trip, and allows everyone to enjoy the scenery which isn’t always possible for those on a driving holiday.

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