Experience South Africa’s highlights during the journey from Cape Town to Pretoria on the magnificent Blue Train – one of the world’s most iconic rail journeys on one of the world’s most luxurious trains.

The Blue Train 1

The train route between Pretoria and Cape Town is one that is served by one of the most iconic trains in South Africa, and The Blue Train is one which really does exemplify the best of the luxury and service available. As the name suggests, the engines and the carriages are all painted a bright blue colour, and it carries passengers through some of the most beautiful scenery to be found in the whole of Africa. Those who are looking for rail holidays will be able to combine a journey on The Blue Train with some of the other excellent attractions to be found in South Africa.

Fine Dining And Luxury Accommodation On The Move

This train has transported many visiting dignitary’s through the spectacular scenery of South Africa, and those going on rail holidays will want to experience the ultimate in luxury travel on the 27-hour journey between Pretoria and Cape Town. Visitors on The Blue Train will be able to enjoy a sumptuous cabin that has all of the conveniences and luxury you would expect in a five star hotel. Twin and double rooms are available that are converted to comfortable lounges during the day, but provide comfortable sleeping accommodation at night.

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Award winning food may not be something that is associated with rail holidays, but these luxury trains have a complement of well trained chefs on board that help to ensure a great menu for every meal. They work with suppliers to use local ingredients, and deliver high quality meals that are all prepared in the moving kitchens included on the train. With such good food being delivered to the plates in the dining car, it is natural to accompany these dishes with a great selection of South African wines. One aspect that is worth remembering when packing for a trip is, that evening wear is expected for dinner, which isn’t always included in the packing plans of some people on railway holidays.

The Blue Train Route

The train will usually depart the respective stations at 8.50am and arrive at its destination between 12pm and 12.30pm the following day. The train passes through some spectacular scenery, and each journey includes a short excursion in the afternoon of the first day. For those that are travelling from Pretoria, they will be treated to a visit to the Kimberley Open Mine museum, while those who begin their journeys in Cape Town will have a visit to Matjiesfontein to experience the Victorian colonial experience, including a traditional London bus.

The Blue Train 3

Holiday Packages

As well as the scheduled route for The Blue Train that runs from Pretoria to Cape Town, there are also occasional special journeys that are run throughout the year. Golfers who are looking to enjoy 18 holes will like the Pretoria to Durban special route, which includes two nights at the Zimbali Lodge, which has a golf course in a spectacular location. There are also journeys from Cape Town to Pretoria that includes a two night visit to the stunning Bakubung Game Lodge for those who want to see the wonderful wildlife of South Africa.

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