Offering the ultimate introduction to the beauty of Canada, The Canadian travels 2,749 miles between Toronto and Vancouver across some of the most diverse landscapes found in a single country.

Canada is a vast country of lakes, forests and mountains, and there is no better way of experiencing this, than by taking a trip on The Canadian. This is one of the classic rail holidays, passing by some of the best scenery that the country has to offer, as it traverses 2700 miles over 4 days, from Toronto through to Vancouver.

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The Canadian first began service back in 1955, but the route it now follows was changed in 1978. This change was designed to allow people to see more of the Rockies during the journey, although as a consequence, it added on over a day in travel time. The trip from Toronto to Vancouver can be experienced as one continuous journey, or stops can be made at places such as Edmonton and Jasper. It should be noted though, that The Canadian does not offer a “hop on and off” service, and so any stops would need to be pre-planned and pre-booked in order to ensure a space on the train.

The train itself has undergone a 22 million dollar refurbishment from between 2010 and 2012, and this now firmly puts it within the luxury trains category. All the facilities that one would associate with quality railways holidays are in place, ensuring that everyone on board has an enjoyable and unique time. There are two classes of travel available to people who wish to take a trip on The Canadian, and these are Economy and Sleeper classes.

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Economy class offers passengers an affordable way to make this scenic rail journey across Canada. The reclining seats may not be as comfortable as a sleeper, but the other facilities available are excellent. These include a coffee shop, lounge area and “vista dome” which offers splendid views of the scenery as the train make its way across the country. Travelling in economy class is also a great way to strike up conversations with fellow passengers, and the friendliness of the Canadians is legendary.

Sleeper touring class offers passengers accommodation on The Canadian in 2 berth bedrooms or 1 berth roomettes. The beds are far more comfortable than the reclining seats, and the ticket price also includes all meals which are available in the sleeper touring class restaurant. The restaurant facilities on board The Canadian allow passengers to dine in comfort and elegance, where freshly prepared meals are served on fine china by attentive, friendly staff. The attached Parks car observation dome is the perfect place from which to admire the passing countryside, and from time to time, live entertainment such as acoustic acts may play in the lounges.

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A journey on The Canadian passes through a variety of landscapes, such as immense forests, the lakes of northern Ontario, the Praries and of course the stunning Rockies. Panoramic views of the country are possible in the new Skyline and Park cars, and the train stops in several cities. The most notable of these are Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Jasper, and a journey on The Canadian provides a wonderful way to see the country which will create memories to last a lifetime.

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