From Moscow, you will cross the Russian Steppes all the way to the Sea of Japan on board the iconic Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Is this ultimate of great rail journeys? Unparalleled levels of luxury make this classic rail journey so much more than a holiday – an adventure never to be forgotten.

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

When it comes to epic train journeys, there are few that pass through such varied and spectacular scenery as the Golden Eagle, going from cosmopolitan Europe to the oriental east of Russia. Travellers from the United Kingdom will be able to combine a train journey to Moscow with The Golden Eagle to make one of the longest train journeys possible to man, traversing eleven time zones and going nearly half way around the world. The best thing about taking a journey with the Golden Eagle, is that it is completed in sensational luxury that at the same time gives people a real taste of the various regions of Russia.

London To Moscow

The tentative first steps of this journey begins from the newly refurbished St Pancras station in London where the Eurostar train takes people under the channel to the Belgian city of Brussels. From here passengers will transfer to a train service to Cologne, where they will join with the sleeper service heading to Warsaw. After a brief time in the capital of Poland, it is then time to join the express to Moscow where travellers will spend a night in a five star hotel. The reception for the journey will take place here, with an exceptional evening meal giving people the chance to meet fellow travellers who will join them on the train holiday adventure that will span two continents.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 1

The Golden Eagle – All Aboard

After a comfortable night in Moscow visitors will join the sensational Golden Eagle, which is one of the best luxury trains in the world. There are two types of accommodation available, with the Silver cabins being large and comfortable boasting an en suite bathroom, entertainment facilities such as a DVD and CD player and air conditioning. The Gold cabins are even larger and more luxurious, including underfloor heating and power showers in the en suite.

The train also has the benefit of two wonderful restaurant cars, where trained chefs work with the best ingredients and produce that is available along the route of the Trans-Siberian railway. The excellent food to be enjoyed across Russia is of the very best quality, and is complemented by a choice of local beverages and international wines of the finest vintages. After dinner travellers can retire to the bar carriage, where people can enjoy the company of fellow travellers and enjoy the evening scenery.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 2

European Russia

The first few days of the journey take travellers from the heart of European Russia towards the Ural Mountains that are generally considered to be the dividing border between Europe and Asia. On the first day out of Moscow, people will visit Kazan, which despite its industrial nature also boasts the ornate Kremlin Fortress, which is an UNESCO world heritage site.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 3

As the scenery changes and the train starts to climb towards the Ural Mountains, people will see a distinct change in their surroundings, and the snow capped peaks around them will also provide a hint of this change. The last day in European Russia is spent in the picturesque city of Yekaterinburg, which is the capital of the Urals. Travellers will enjoy a tour of the memorial church in the city and will also have time to explore some of the city.

Asian Russia

After departing from Yekaterinburg, The Golden Eagle will descend into Siberia, and a visit to the capital Novosibirsk is the next stop on the journey, which is home to the world’s largest opera house. The lands of Siberia will often be considered to be a desolate area, but this is far from the truth, as travellers will enjoy the varied scenery on offer. The train also runs along the shore of Lake Baikal, which is the largest freshwater lake in the world, and travellers will be able to enjoy a barbecue on the lake shore, where they will get the chance to enjoy Omul, which is a fish unique to Lake Baikal.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 4

Another highlight of the journey is a diversion from the Trans-Siberian line to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar. A lunch at a traditional yurt is enjoyed, and visitors can also take a visit to the museums or the statue of Ghengis Khan. After this, travellers will return to the luxury train to cross the rest of Siberia, before arriving in the city of Vladivostok.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 5


After completing the last leg of this epic rail holiday, travellers will have some time to spend in this exceptional city before returning home. Visitors can enjoy a cruise across the bay that was once home to the Russian Pacific Fleet, and explore the city which is a hybrid of European and Oriental influences.

The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle - Ultimate Luxury Rail Holiday 6

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