Take a holiday on the ultimate luxury train in Europe. London or Paris to Venice has never been done in such style. Sumptuous accommodation, exquisite food and amazing scenery, all add up to a special experience you’ll want to relive again and again.

Orient Express - St Pancras

The Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE and not to be confused with the original Orient Express) is a privately-owned and operated train made up of beautifully-restored train coaches originating from the 1920s, 30s & 50s.

There are in fact 2 trains. The daytime Pullman train that travels from London to Folkestone (the British Pullman along with the Northern Belle also provide wonderful day trips within the UK to hundreds of destinations and events, departing from over 50 mainline stations) and the European based train of 1920s sleeping-cars from Calais to Paris and on to Venice.

Orient Express - Paris

You can take the VSOE from London, to Paris & Venice approximately once a week from March to November, and less often it travels to Rome, Krakow, Budapest, Prague and Istanbul. The operators (Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) Limited) also operates the equally luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok, as well as the Royal Scotsman cruise train and the trains to Machu Picchu in Peru. The London-Venice journey takes 24 hours and costs in the region of £1,600 per person one way.

Orient Express - The Journey

It should not be confused with the real Orient Express, the true descendant of the original 1883 Orient Express, a regular scheduled train which took it’s last journey at the end of 2009 after over 125 years service! The Venice-Simplon Orient Express is the most luxurious and romantic way to travel to Venice. With world class food and service it truly is the experience of a lifetime. While many ‘ultimate’ luxuries in life often fail to live up to the reputation, the Venice-Simplon Orient Express really does deliver and will not fail to impress!

Orient Express - First Class Service
Orient Express London to Venice

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